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New year, New beginning. New projects will be posted.

Stay tuned.


Family Time

Family that play together bond together.

Leaving two less decorated space for my baby girl.




Home made drawer unit..



Using Doodlebug Design Inc. Album and also some old paper “BAM POP” !

Memory Box

A memory box  that i made…

Memory Box 1

Memory Box 2

Memory Box 4Memory BoxMemory Box

Happy Anniversary

Happy anniversary Cake for my wife.

After practising for a few round of my “baking” skill.

I “baked” this 10 inch  pink icing cake topped with cream roses , for my wife to celebrate our anniversary.

Anniversary Cake 4

Annversary Cake 1

Annversary Cake 2

Cake Again.

Baked a two tier cake.

Ingredient: No flour, just paper and chipboard and lots of love.

Keep it for life, remember always.

Base is 6 inch and top is 4 inch

cake 3


cake 5

It’s Nuriya Birthday. She’s 6 ! 

Happy Birthday Day.

Again all made from scratch. A cake from you to keep for life. No expiry date.

cake 1Cake 2


Specially made for my Wife and Son.

One each, don’t fight !!!



A revolving carousel with a storage box below. Everything made from scratch except for the storage box.


Happy Mother’s Day !!

Mother's Day Card 1

Mother's Day Card 2